REVISED 9/26/05



I.  Attendance

A.     There will be 2 chapter meetings per month plus the Initiation

ceremony and special projects for the school year of September though

May.  Extra meetings are required of officers and committees.

1.       Only 1 unexcused absence is permitted.

2.      Excused absences include: sickness, recital participation, required rehearsals, class, and emergencies.

3.      All excused absences must be presented in writing to the Secretary 48 hours before or 24 hours after the meeting.  In the event of sickness or emergency, a petition must be sent to the Secretary after the meeting.

B.     Those missing (more meetings) than allowed by the above will be

penalized.  Notices will be sent to those who have more than 1unexcused absence. Those members will be fined $5.00 for each unexcused absence exceeding the one allowed.

C.     All chapter members and advisors shall be notified of any meeting at

least 24 hours in advance.

D.    Meetings shall function only with a quorum consisting of a majority

of the members in good standing.


II.  Grades

                A 3.0 average should be maintained.


III. New Member Selection

A.     Selection by grades will be determined by the Chapter Advisor in

January, after Fall Term grades are given.

B.     Bids are sent out by the Secretary before the middle of February.

C.     Rushing, which is preceded by a meeting to inform the prospective members about D.O., is indicated near the beginning of Spring Term, (early in February).

D.    The prospective member and initiation fees are paid and the fraternity knowledge

exam is given before the middle of April.  All information is sent to the National Organization before permission can be given by National to initiate.

E.     The Initiation ceremony/dinner is held in late April.

F.     It is suggested that the new members plan and conduct a project, preferably a fundraiser, to be held (usually) during the following school year.


IV.  Officer Election

A.     Officers will be elected after new members are initiated, usually in early May.

B.     Candidates are chosen by self-nomination prior to the election meeting.

C.     To be eligible for election, each candidate must have discussed the job for which she is running with the officer presently holding that position.

D.    The candidates are presented at the meeting and election takes place by way of secret ballot.

E.     Nominations are accepted from the floor.

F.     For neglect of duty, an officer may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of members.





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