August 27              Music Building Game Night at 7:00 in Lower Lobby of 

                                       Blackman Music Building.

August 31              SOA Meeting at 3:00pm in Daniel Recital Hall

August 31              School of the Arts Picnic at 5:00pm

September 7       DO reports for President and Secretary due

September 7      4:00 meeting in Stone Parlor after the 3:00 recital.

September 10   Valet Parking Training at 6:00 for all music organizations with 

                                    dinner provided.

September 14    Senior Recital: Monica Yates at 7:30

September 21          Converse College Opening Convocation

September 22-30 Germany Trip to Black Forest Music Festival

September 24         Friends of the Petrie School of Music Concert featuring the 

                                          American Chamber Players at 8:00.

October 5                   Delta Omicron Recital at 3:00 in Daniel Recital Hall

October 5                  Senior Recital:Amber Holladay Pack, soprano at 7:30.

October 8                  Converse Symphony Orchestra Concert

October 15-16         Fall Break ; Group trip or service event TBA

October 19                 Reports due for president, treasurer, publicity director, 

                                           musical activities, and warden .

October 26                Halloween Recital at 3:00 in Daniel Recital Hall

October 27              Lawson Series: Delta Omicron Instrumental Petting Zoo at                 

                                         10:00 a.m.

October 29              Carlos Moseley Friends of the Petrie School of Music 

                                         Concert featuring Amy I-Ling Cheng.

November 2           Senior Recital: Sarah McAuliffe, Soprano

November 5          Converse Chorale and Spartanburg Festival Chorus at 7:30.

November 12        Converse Wind Ensemble Concert at 7:30.

November 11-20 Christmas Door Decorating. More information TBA

November 16-18 Converse Opera Presents “Hansel and Gretel” 7:30p.m. '                                

                                       Friday and Saturday,  3:00 on Sunday.

November 19 Converse Symphony Orchestra Concert at 7:30.

November 20 Reports Due for President, 2nd vice-president, Treasurer, and 

                                  Publicity Director.

November 21-23 Thanksgiving Holiday

November 26-30 Faculty Tea TBA

November 29 Festival of Lessons and Carols

November 30 Last Day of Classes/Jury

December 3-6 Exam Week



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